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fine day

ford fairlane

in spite of being unable to get out to all the shows i'd like, my kid has been kicking ass in baseball. in fact, today, he went to bat five times: 3 singles, 1 double with an rbi, and one intentional walk. ya, i missed the game because of work today. sucks.

found this one out in riverside. got there early because the show started only an hour before the game was to start. kinda stalker like. was waiting for something interesting to drive up. several plain, but very nice old cars, but i wasn't interested in shooting them. but since i'd already spent a while here, and time to leave was looming, i figured i might as well get the camera and shoot at least one.

i did end up taking shots of about 5 cars before it got too late. nothing special, but i'm just making a record that i was there.