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watermelon ding

1953 chevy truck

saw this truck a couple of weeks ago at the broiler. it's pretty interesting. the patterns and the paint give this otherwise plain jane truck some attitude. is it more bad ass with that dent on the front bumper? that must have been a pisser of a day.


went to the broiler this evening. not really much going on. a lot of the same cars i've shot before. didn't stay long. i blame it on the full moon.

did get irritated by some granny with a plain truck. i was in the midst of doing a set of exposures, when she, apparently the owner, decided to open the door and sit in the truck. then lean out the window and ask what i was doing with the pictures. told her i put them on my blog if i like the shot.

she stared at me. then, the got out of the truck, leaving the door open, to go chat with her buds behind the truck. buttholio. eh. was a throw away shot anyway. she either was being obtuse, or was just passive aggressive enough to not tell me she'd prefer i didn't shoot it.

i could make an ok shot of the frames she didn't eff up, but i'd just end up ripping her as richard the second. best leave her to her anonimity, and delegate her truck to the non-existent category in my eyes. blithering idiot.