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great white

1958 cadillac

i've carried my cameras with me for the last couple of days. even drove to a show yesterday, got there early. sat in the lot for half an hour. only a couple of cars drove in, and i'd shot them several times previously. waited a bit more, then headed home without even getting out of the car. ya, maybe i should have waited longer. maybe i'll go back when the warmer weather and later sunsets are here.

then today, after sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours at work, i just didn't feel like going to either show on my way home. i think i'm just ready for the weekend off.

another practice baseball game tomorrow, and yup, already checked, a couple of car shows available to see in riverside, should i be in the area late enough.

this cadillac i see a lot. often at the broiler. i found a night shot of it in my favorite spot looking up at the neon. maybe i'll post it some other day. this shot was over at the summer show that happens in cypress, from last year. looks really clean at this size, but when i zoom in, i see the pitted paint, probably from being hit by dirt and rocks on the freeway, and the blemishes in the trim.

still really like this angle, but perhaps i'm stuck in a rut. i'll have to put up some other view next time.