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better than the gym

1939 chevy master deluxe

i had every intention of going to the gym a couple of days ago. actually made it to one last week, after over a year of not setting foot in one. they're so frigging boring. and kinda sucks going by yourself. i mean all alone in a room full of sweating, stinking people.

i was surprised, though, because this gym had totally been redone and expanded. all shiny and air conditioned. as compared to the one over here near where i live. each and every time i went through the door of that place, i'd get hit by a wall of air so stagnant and ripe, i really didn't stay very long. so what's the point?

so as i was saying, i was going to the gym. had changed into the stretchy pants and big, ugly shoes. had to drop some stuff off at the post office, and figured i'd stop by the fuddrucker's nearby. got out and took a walk around the lot. some stuff there. a big ass, fussy britches car of some sort i don't know, but with his hood open, so nevermind. some muscle cars. some random cars. a couple of old vettes. and a few latin gents. they seem to have adopted this show, and there always seem to be a few of them there.

i'd taken a walk without my camera first, in case there wasn't anything worth shooting. then decided there were a couple. went back to the car, got my camera and tripod and headed back over. didn't bother to get my whole bag out of the trunk. ooops. got set up, framed the shot, and realized the memory card was back in the trunk. so had to make the round trip back to the car. errr. 

after my first few shots, the owner noticed and turned on the lights. that's different. wished he would have closed the hood. oh well.

anyway, took a few shots, talked to a few people. made it right in my head that all that walking, lifting the tripod, and up and down squats in front of cars somehow cancelled out the need to go to the gym.

and then after stopping to see my kid, i walked around the lake. so there. gyms suck.