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1941 chevy special deluxe

i went to a couple of xmas toy drives this weekend.

first up, i'd never been out to point fermin in san pedro. i'd noticed this one on the list, and thought i'd go check it out. was fun going over the bridges and past the craptastic ports and all the stacked boxes. out through the typical beach type town, with some really fun hills. the park was actually sort of nice. not much of a beach, more of a cliff to a rocky shore. habited by shabby homeless dwellers.

this toy drive was sponsored by the legends car club. i guess i got there a little before the official start time. was hoping to get out before the sun got too high, but i didn't quite make it. the fog decided to lift, actually more got blown away. but it was early enough on a sunday, that only the sponsor's cars were there. should have known better from going to the viejitos shows...people are still at church that early.

anyway, i found easy parking, and got going. in pretty quick order, probably half of the group came over to welcome me, ask who i was shooting for, and pretty soon had passed around a couple dozen cards. i'll have to post a few more, for the guys that really pointed out their cars. they all seemed very nice. and the cars were really great too. just what i like.

one of them said more clubs were going to be there, i was welcome to join them for some tacos, but i couldn't stay, as i had other places i had to be, and a tight schedule. and of course, right on queue, as i was putting my car into drive, a string of chevys came driving down the street. and more from the other direction, and more as i drove back through the town. ahhhhhhHH!!!