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random observations

1948 chevy fleetline

i walked uptown last saturday, looking for some dinner. better half had to work all day. had been raining off and on the last couple of days, so i took my umbrella. i mostly use one of those long black ones, with a handle like a walking cane. makes me imagine that i'm looking for russian defectors to poke in the leg with the sharp tip, if you know the kind i mean.

i got about a block from the house, when it started raining pretty well. moment of hesitation, deciding whether to go back and get my car, or just keep on going. always loved walking in the rain when i was a kid, and it wasn't falling hard enough to stop me, so i kept going. only lasted about five minutes anyway.

saw a few odd things on my trip:

  • a guy riding a beach cruiser, but it sounded like a motorcycle; he had a radio strapped into a basket on the back playing the sounds of a harley
  • a pimped out, low rider 56/57 chevy with the spare tire cover on the back
  • two women knocking on the door of the mortuary, as if they would be keeping evening hours, but no one was there; the older woman on the cell phone, presumably calling for an appointment, at least i imagined

i just notice weird things sometimes, when i'm not tuned out, noticing colors and textures, and thinking that whatever would make an interesting picture.


this nice chevy bomb was from the whittier show this past august. parked over by the tattoo parlor, the weird gift/pinstriped furniture store, and pizza place. surprised that group wasn't standing in front of the bar, just out of the picture on the right.