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1951 chevy

i was going to post this chevy last night and include some pithy comments about wtf santa was already doing at the mall, but my blog provider seemed to be having some issues. still is, and they're working on helping me out. meanwhile, i'm in a less pissy mood, and trying to post from my ipad.

love the hood ornaments on these chevys. simple. classic. golden. the car ain't bad either. found this one at the oldies san fernando car show. i remember this one well. so freekin hot that day. didn't stay long. was waiting for my better half and his red-haired nephew, outside the main field of cars under a tree. they got there, offered me a bottle of water, and i asked if i could take a few minutes to walk down this inner lane of cars before we go. sure sure.

this chevy was down at the end. next to the entrance to another whole field of cars. damnit. i've mentioned in a previous post, that all i could do was quickly stumble around the entrance of this field, as i had no energy or time left to shoot more. eeeefffffff!

we're already planning how we will manage to stay cool when we go next year. he's thinking umbrella hats. i'm thinking bathing suit and shorts.