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skelly engine cover
skelly hot rod

i suppose everyone will be busy tomorrow evening, so i might as well wish you all a happy halloween now. was always my favorite holiday. could be someone/something else for a few hours. don't think i'll be dressing up or doing anything this year--all of my costumes and such are in storage, and i just don't feel like shopping for another now. probably just missing my old house, though no one ever trick or treats there. people take their kids to the mall to do that...what's up with that?

my better half is doing a little technical engineering with his computer set up, so the wifi/internet is down in the house and i'm trying to post on my ipad again.

this was another car from riverside's show and go. two days of cars plowing around several blocks of downtown. supposedly over 1,000 cars the first day, though maybe several hundred was more like it.

it was in a back corner, near the pontiac in yesterday's post. but its up front today, just cuz it can be.

by kathy