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1937 ford 2 door sedan

the other day i tried on an old pair of glasses, and had a curious thought, in light of the holiday spirit; i wondered if i looked through them, would i, could i see things the same way i used to? as things used to be? no, i don't drink; was just spending a quiet new year's at home, and had too much time to think.

well, of course the old glasses didn't make me see stuff any other way but blurry, but it was an interesting thought, and besides, they were only a couple of years old. i'd need my really old ones to see some interesting things, but unfortunately, i suppose someone in india or africa is enjoying my old specs.

so it's a new year. but i'm still digging through last year's pics. i tried to hit a car show today, but apparently, they still considered it a holiday, and no one showed up, but me. hope that doesn't indicate how the rest of my year will go. maybe i should finally cut my hair...

i did see several old cars driving around in various cities i passed through, a few i recognized from shows i'd been to the past couple of years. strange how you get to recognize some of them out the corner of your eye, as you speed by.

here's an old ford from last fall's cruzin for roses show in pasadena. it's been teasing me since september, just itching to be played with, but i haven't bothered with it until now. it just looks cute from this angle. shame it was up at the end of the block under a tree, and caught too much shade in its shiny paint. the reflected tree is still interesting, but i know those big, round fenders could have been really wonderful on a cloudy day, away from the trees.