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charge it

1972 dodge charger

i'll throw this one in, though it's not my typical, and it's not my fav. and i won't even mention what the paint color reminds me of, you can form your own opinion.

but sometimes, i feel that maybe i'm in a rut, or just getting jaded, so i thought maybe once in a while i'll shoot something different. different is usually a landscape or flowers, but they don't really fit in here, so here's the something different for my virtual parking garage.

there were a few other chargers on the other side of the street, but i didn't like the way the light was hitting them, and a couple had the hoods up, so no go on those.

i think it was the length of the front end on this and the reflection of the trees and sky that made me pick this particular something else. i know it isn't starsky and hutch's ride, but definitely getting into that time period.