what's up?

put it where the sun does shine

1956 cadillac deville

first car show in over a week. bob's big boy was busier than it has been and the weather was perfect; not too hot, with a cool breeze. i got there a bit later than usual, as i stopped at home first and got my cameras. i've been stuck to my office chair too much lately, and it was good to get out. but of course, now it's late and i gotta get to bed.

i love when the guys park over here. pretty easy to frame up something interesting with the front of the broiler behind it. sun beginning to head south, so it really bounced the light around on this chrome back end. nice old caddie, no stuffed animals necessary...j/k.

chatted with several guys there. one guy said he'd seen me a couple of weeks ago at the show in cypress. had to think about the last time i'd been there...didn't stay long...was very hot that day. he'd wanted to tell me about a new show starting up on sunday mornings at woodruff & carson, but probably not this holiday weekend. guess i'll have to check it out. that and the donut derelicts in huntington beach, since the girl who x-rayed my teeth the other day said her dad shows his cars there, and he lives nearby. just kinda early for me to get there most weekends...just want to sleep in, ya know?