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ye olde fordes

1934 ford

so my friend from the old show at chubby's told me about this new show in huntington beach at the olde world village. think solvang. think octoberfest. ja, probably more german than scandinavian, it's a small market "village", with a meandering "cobblestone" walk that runs around the "village."

so one day a week, they let these crazy car people come and park their cars throughout the pathways and in the parking lot for the duration of the show. interesting concept, but as there is only a little over a car's width of space, once you're parked, you're there until the 8pm close.

supposedly the first night there were 150+ cars, but i think this was the third night, and i dunno where that many would go, so i'm saying maybe 75 in the village and parking lot. i did like seeing the same cars i see everywhere in a different location. and i did like that inside the market, the buildings provided enough shade to keep cool until the sun went down.

i've seen this ford in whittier, at the ruby's show a few times. just realizing i posted the hood ornament a few days ago. i like the setting for it here much better than the parking lot at ruby's, probably because it just looks better, but also because it's not crowded next to another car. and i got my shot right before more people came around that curve.