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1948 chevy fleetline

it is getting difficult to choose what to post. i have so many, but you'll just have to wait. go somewhere else if you want a photo dump.

busy weekend. only hit up two shows on friday and one early on saturday. had planned on a couple today, but valentine's day plans took priority.

this one was from friday. mmmm, the cars at the chubby's show are just so delicious. it's just chevy heaven every friday. the latin gents just do them right, and seem to represent more than other clubs at this show. 

not quite sure if this is one of theirs though...he drove in and parked all by himself. pulled in and dropped down. parked with no one near means fewer background distractions, i have more options for framing the picture, less people milling around, though they did start walking over by the time i got my shots. i liked this one best.

i was down lower for this shot, on my knees. one of the guys went with the "you don't have to worship the car" joke. at least that was one of the cleaner ones i've heard. thanks. :)