what's up?


1935 auburn super charged

so, i thought i'd take a temporary break from chevy overload. i've worked some 12+ hour days this week, and by friday was pretty much fried. took a couple days off from looking at my computer at home. my better half treated me to the brian setzer orchestra christmas extravaganza show over at the gibson amphitheatre. they always put out some very nice cars and hot rods in the hall outside...kinda his theme.

this one is obviously not particularly a fast car, but it is different, rare, and not a chevy. i think someone mentioned it was worth some insane amount of money, so i was surprised it was actually at the show here at ruby's in whittier.

this looks a little flat on my monitor...either i need to calibrate it or need to go kick the tires some more to make the car pop. maybe it's just because it's half in the shadow of a tree that's doing it. i'll have to look at it on another screen tomorrow.

hoping this week is a bit quieter at work, with most people out on vacation, but i still have plenty to do. planning to go to the broiler on wednesday, at least...angel bought a print of his wagon...just in time for xmas.