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tiki time

1950 ford woodie

1950 ford woodie air filter coverso i stopped at bob's last month and saw this woodie sitting there. usually don't care about them, but i liked the paint detail on the spare cover. so i just took this one shot of the car just to catch it. the coconuts in the trees are little tiki heads.

the owner came over and asked what i was doing. i'm up fairly close to the car with the wide angle, and they always think i'm just doing a detail shot. nope, when i want the detail, i use my other camera with the macro lens, like i did for the air filter cover here. he opened the hood, said i had to see it.

not sure if he knew about my aversion to what's under the hood, but he insisted i check it out, and i admit, this one was pretty cool. clean engine compartment too.

must have looked up my blog; he found me at the halloween show at ruby's the following week. wanted me to take pics of his car, but i got there too late and for some reason he didn't have it at the show or had already taken it home.

guess i'll try to get to bob's again sometime. better chance to get nice sunset shots since the time changed. just gotta start carrying my cameras with me again, and stopping at shows after work.