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fire truck

ya, i know it's not vintage. but it was at the ruby's car show. thanksgiving in a couple of days, so i just thought it would be fitting to show the fire department some love too.

not quite sure what station this puppy comes from, but it happened to be out on the edge of the show, with no fire boys around, so i took a shot. don't know why i don't shoot them when i see them, except i'm shy, and well, i just don't.

the boys in the big red trucks are usually the first to show up when you have an emergency, so give'em a big thank you next time you see them.

and if you asked my better half about his favorite story of fire boys and me, he'd tell you the one about a lady apparently having a heart attack at an in-n-out burger. all those guys there to help looked they could have jumped off one of those calendars; well, except for that last guy that came in...meh. anyway, he'd say that i would've thrown myself on the floor and whine about a pain in my chest too...must be confusing me with his cousin–she's the one who actually used to go out with those guys.