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1956 cadillac

i only went to a few shows at ruby's over the season, for whatever reason. several times i went and saw this cadillac parked out on cadillac row, always with several others of similar year—not sure if it was a club, or just guys that knew each other. and each time there was another photographer guy that had obviously been asked or hired to shoot pics of the cars. each time, i'd stay out of his way, and just keep walking, and other times got the chin nod. guess i get to be a familiar sight after a few shows.

so, i was surprised to find the cars here on the last night of the year, the photog no where in sight. this was toward the end of the evening, so people had moved more towards the front of the show. i can't quite remember if the owner was nearby this time around...it was a busy night; owners of these types of cars are usually hovering in the vicinity to be sure nothing happens to their babies.

well, i suppose i'll never see the shots the other guy took, but here's mine.