what's up?

khaki, not tacky


i'm still waiting for the opportunity to hit a show and take my first pics of 2011. i think the rain is gone for a few days, but its hella cold for cali, at least in the evenings. i'll drive by fuddrucker's tomorrow and see if anyone shows this time...haven't even gotten out of the car the last couple of weeks...hardly anything to see. maybe i'll drive out to the broiler on wednesday, but i don't expect any but the diehards there. too bink bink.

anyway, dug this one up from 2009 at ruby's. i think the second time i'd headed out there with a camera. not sure that i've seen this particular car since, but i liked the angle, and the sky was pretty cool. don't remember if it was getting ready to rain, or just a typical september evening.