what's up?

got some ’splainin to do lucy


i took this picture a while back at the show in dove canyon. the lady running the show told me they named the car "lucy." i didn't ask the owner at the time why or who it was named after, and now i suppose i won't find out...apparently they've canceled all the rest of the shows for the summer, perhaps it's permanent, i don't know. too bad really. small show, nice cars, convenient location. guess they'll go on to other shows nearby. heard san clemente has started a show, and that's probably what killed this one. maybe i'll check it out.

as i've said before, i've been sooooo busy lately. lots of work. my kid's baseball games. stayed too late at the broiler in downey tonight – up past my bedtime again. makes it more difficult to find time to work on a picture to post.

i took a lot of pictures tonight, with several requests for possibly buying prints. you'll have to be patient, they take time, and i'm probably driving up to san luis obispo this weekend for baseball games, so even less time again.