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strike a cord

1936 cord

at the foothill ranch show, i was told that this is a very rare car. internet says it was only sold for a couple of years before the company went out of business. well, it also says "it's regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever built" – i guess that would be in the eye of the beholder – it's shiny and expensive and stuff, but it seems a little clunky to me, compared to some of the other "elegant" cars of the same period. i can imagine darth vader driving this one around, but i don't know why.

the owners were very nice. i didn't stay to the end of the show, so i wonder if they won any of the trophies or whatever.

i just love the weather lately. overcast skies make the pictures more dramatic, or at least tone down the harsh reflections. and the chill in the air, while it chases a lot of the cars home early, allows me to keep taking pictures longer into the summer, so i'm happy.