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back that ass up

1964 cadillac

so i felt like crap today. went to work anyway. tons of work to do, as always. nice place to be, always busy. but at the end of the day, after driving for an hour, just didn't feel like going to a show.

so when i'm in that mood, what better to do than pick a nice car to work on and get focused. zoning out, or should i say zoning in?

this 1964 cadillac coupe deluxe was at original mikes on a very hot day at the end of may. this was a very long car, and i wished the owner hadn't backed it into the corner like this, but the front end was interesting too.

i sometimes wonder if i should 'fix' the blemishes on cars, like the chips in the paint—perfectly capable of doing so—but then that would take a little of it's personality away. at this size, you mostly don't notice them anyway, but i can see them quite well at full size, and on this one, i can spot them on screen too. can you?

so i didn't stay very long, as it was so hot out, felt like i was wearing a couple of sponges on my chest. at least the fire boys were just across the street, and at the show, should i or anyone have passed out from heat exhaustion.