what's up?

and it was all yellow

hot rod chevy

i finally took the time to drive out and shoot at the show in cypress. i've heard that there are sometimes up to 60 to 80 cars here. i guess maybe if you stay from beginning to end, there might be, but i didn't stay too late. there were more cars driving up as i packed it up. always makes me want to unpack and go get them too. but then i'd never get home, now would i?

ran into several people that i've seen at various shows. never know who will show up and where. constantly surprised to see cars that i haven't seen in months, and here they are again. forest gump shows...never know what you're gonna get.

anyway, i hadn't seen this one before and it was so conveniently located on the end of the row by itself, i had to take a picture of it. owner was nearby, and seems interested in buying a print, so here it is...what do you think?

big engine. looks like giant binoculars into the soul of the car, should you choose to take a peek...