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48 chevy fleetmaster

garden grove main street show. i hadn't been in a few weeks. it didn't seem as busy as it usually is. why was the parking lot of one of the two colleges just off main street being patrolled now and no one allowed to park there? that's where a lot of overflow cars would park. hmmm.

well, i walked up and down main street and the one side street a couple of times. i got some really good shots of several impalas, fords, chevys, a mercury, but i thought i'd share this 1948 chevy fleetmaster with you first. i also walked by several that i keep wanting to shoot, but hoods are up, owners sitting in the way or the light just wasn't right...maybe another time.

i know the front is where all the action is, but this image just seemed more interesting, a story waiting to be told. maybe it was the ladies in their chairs keeping an eye on me – they belong with the truck hiding on the other side of this one, but i wasn't interested in their antique truck full of, i assume, fake fruits and vegies with an old timey feel, if its the one i'm thinking of.

and the flags add to the 4th of july feel, which is only appropriate this week too.