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damn fine thirty-nine

1939 chevy

so i stopped at the show at the peris on alondra last wednesday. what the hell was a power 106.7 booth doing at an oldies car show cranking out the shitty new music ultra loud doing there? i'm not that old, and i do listen to that station, but wtf, it doesn't belong at a show like this. when i got there, the car show people were playing some really good brian setzer, perfectly fine, even if not from the 50's. but damn if 106.7 wasn't playing the most inane music with no meaningful lyrics, just butt-thumping beat and singers that can't sing without a studio enhancement...geez.

anyway, this beautiful ‘39 chevy master deluxe was sitting in the corner of the aisle, sun hitting it just so. the owner was sitting at a table to the right, presumably collecting entrance/raffle fees(?) for the show. his buddies were giving him a hassle about an inflated ego, if his car ended up on my website. so here you go, don't let it float away with you.