what's up?

chariot of fire

56 chevy wagon

these flames are so hot, they're blue. and silver. and green? well, it was a quality paint job anyway. interesting color combo with the green pinstripes. really, the owner was very nice, and even closed the back window for me to take pics of the back end. maybe i'll post it another time.

i went to this show at trabuco canyon and the show at signal hill this weekend, and each had about three cars during the time i was there. waited a bit, but nothing more was showing up. the guy running the signal hill show said there were 7-8 other shows going on at the same time, so his regulars were elsewhere. says he sometimes gets more than 35 cars. we both figured it was the ink & iron show at the queen mary sucking up the people for the day. oh well. glad i hadn't driven out of my way for it.

also stopped at the show off alondra for a little bit. not as many as i've seen there usually either. doesn't really bother me – not so many people to get in the way of my shots.

i was supposed to stop by the mopar show in tustin to shoot a truck for someone, but the heat must have gotten to me earlier, and i just started to feel out of it, and missed that one, as well as my niece's bday party...bad aunt that i am...slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon...still not quite right, but my husband says that about me a lot anyway.