what's up?

hot tamale

1959 pontiac bonneville

cinco de mayo at the broiler. i got there late. guess i missed some mtv crapola in the back lot or something. didn't mind that much—lots of cars showed up for that, i suppose. so, score for me.

damn fine car, this one, just sitting there, enjoying all the attention. parked just enough over the line no one could park next to it. that was driving the manager nuts, as the owner was no where to be found, and there were so many cars waiting for a spot.

i saw this car sail away into the sunset while i was putting my stuff in my little car. i don't think mine will ever be considered a classic. i'll stop taking these pictures when/if that happens. have a hard enough time considering anything newer than 1970 a classic as it is. maybe i just have a biased opinion for the older ones.

skipping the ruby's show in whitter tonight...first one of the season...i have such an awful headache.