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old timer

1916 buick

this 1916 buick 45 was at the whittier founder's day celebration i mentioned a couple of days ago. i think it was the oldest car there, and possibly, one of the oldest i have in my collection here.

i think i'm finding it more facsinating seeing and learning how cars evolved over the years, each generations' designers copying each others ideas, various models so similar, yet so different. can still see it going on in the cars of today...does everyone go to the same design school or what? if only that sense of classic style would come back. i think it kind of did with the pt cruisers and the recent thunderbirds. more curves and presence, something undefinable that is just missing in the standard crap they have been turning out, small tweaks, and they call that a new model. yippee. just too boxy and lacking style.