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galaxie 500

1964 ford galaxie 500

this ‘64 ford galaxie 500 was from the first night i visited the downey bob's big boy broiler show in march. it's owned by a very nice couple, who chatted with me for a few minutes. i talked to the wife, who was saving the parking space, while her husband fetched the car from the back lot. mentioned that i'd eventually post it on my flickr site.

saw them the other day, parked in about the same spot. i know they've been patiently waiting to see their car here. so i figured i should go see what it looked like. turned out all right. even got the burger boy sign in there. hope you two like it :)

my older brother had a ‘66 galaxie 500 when he was in high school. fixed it up nice. can't remember whether he sold it or my sister crashed it. i'll have to ask.