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la bandida

la bandida

downey. again. toward the end of the evening for me, i was tired after a busy day at work. this one wasn't too interesting from the front, really, but i needed an out-of-the-way spot to sit down and put my camera stuff away. this hot rod was backed in under a light by a curb and wall, and had enough room for me to roll my gear by without any chance of bumping it. after sitting down on the curb, discovered this little lady hiding on the back, and putting my camera extra low, got this interesting angle.

that electric green car next to it cast an eerie glow under it, which was kinda cool too.

may i repeat, the people here are very friendly and polite - both the owners of the cars and the people that work at Bob's, and the majority of spectators.

but there seems to always be that one person there to check out the cars that is kind of, what is the word...purposely moving into the shot, to say it nicely. fortunately, i can either erase these people from their 15 seconds of fame or reshoot, which i had to do with this one.