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blue 88

1950 olds 88 deluxe club custom

i took it easy this weekend. had intended to go to an early show in riverside saturday, but didn't hear from my son out there to meet up for lunch after, so didn't get up early and go. he's a busy college boy with his own schedule. no big, i'll catch up with him another time.

then today, had intentions of getting up early and hitting the enderle show in tustin...again was persuaded to “sleep in,” in spite of the time change. anyway, i'd read about the 2nd annual platinum custom car & bike show up at bob's in downey, which fit better into my schedule, and headed up there with my better half. this was a treat, as he's kinda burned out on car shows, and it was a rare occasion to get him to go. now i wish we'd have gone to the enderle show...always lots of cars to choose from...

so when we got to the broiler i was kinda bummed at the turn out and selection. sponsored by elite corvettes, i had expected a lot of those anyway. well, there were about half corvettes, and half mostly older chevys of various makes, with a few other manufacturer's older models thrown in. and the ever insistent raised hoods. ugh. and i don't recall seeing any bikes at all.

i like the older cars, so i didn't mind passing up all the newer model corvettes lined up along the main viewing area. but it bugs me to no end when the owner is nowhere in sight on a car i want to shoot, and the hood is up. don't mind shooting 50's chevys, bel airs in particular from the back, they have cool fins and lights, but come on.

my husband had spoken to the owner of this olds 88 and shot from this same corner of the car before i got over to it. i'm curious to see what he got, but after seeing mine, he's thinking of deleting his memory card. i hope he doesn't mean it.

anyway, said owner told him he drove 60 miles to be at this show. doesn't usually drive to many shows down here, and i'm not clear on why he made the exception for this one. hubbie hinted that the owner should close the hood, but clearly, the guy didn't understand, or just didn't want to move out of his chair.

love this weather – makes for awesome skies. supposedly going to rain tomorrow, but not scary enough to bug out the car owners from the show.

it was a cool car, intensely reflective, as i hope you can tell here.