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founder's day find

1936 packard

so we were walking around in uptown whittier on saturday, and came across the whittier founder's day celebration going on at a local park. <yawn> but hey my eyes spotted an old car driving by and realized they had one of the streets along the park blocked off and maybe about 20 old cars just sitting there. i think the oldest was a 1916 buick, a few chevys, a pair of terraplanes, and some other interesting cars. also a good selection from the whittier model a club...or was it model t?

anyway this beauty of a 1936 packard was sitting in the shade, the owner and friends sitting in lawn chairs in front of it. i can't recall the exact model, but maybe the owner or his friends will let me know. i let them look at my book of proofs while i took pictures of this one and a couple of other cars down the line. they seemed really impressed, so yay for me. :) i must be doing something right.

he closed the hood for me to get several good shots from various angles. i like this one best, though i have another from a lower angle that hides the apartments behind it and shows off the hood ornament pretty good. maybe i'll post that another day.

was all in the family

packard 120

this packard one-twenty (i think the owner said this was a 1936), at the santa ana elk's pal joey dream car revue, had been in a family for three generations. this owner recently acquired it from the grandson of the original owner, not sure if it was financial necessity, or just that the guy was just more interested in restoring old model t's. anyway, he said it was all original parts, and hadn't been restored yet...he's only had it a few months.

and while shooting this one, finally met the famous dave lindsay, of http://www.socalcarculture.com who introduced himself. nice guy. talked camera tech talk with my husband for a long time.

tommy's boy

1934 packard eight

one of the few oldies at the aliso viejo cruisin' at the cup last weekend. this 1934 packard eight was in fairly excellent condition. the owner (hey thomas!) said he'd bought back in the sixties, if i remember correctly. i guess i should write down the tidbits of history that owners share with me, not just the make and model. they are just like members of a family when they've been together that long.

let me know if you wanna buy a print.