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1951 studebaker

1951 studebaker

i’m officially on vacation time, but still in town. already had a call from work yesterday, after one coworker realized i was still around. last minute edit to a poster needed yesterday evening. i was busy at the time, and had no access to work files, so got her to contact another designer, who lives closer to the office anyway. problem was solved, tragedy avoided. lol.

really, though, a few more days, and i’m gone, and really on vacation. i’ll be enjoying france and italy, while my better half stays behind with his mother. sucks. at least his niece and nephew will be coming down one weekend, to give him a short break from the monotony.

and for the new readers, no, i’m not planning trips without my better half; i sort of fell into it, taking the place of someone who cancelled on my kid. pretty sure i explained in some other post.

not sure what my connectivity will be over there, so i may not post anything until next month, not like i’m posting daily anymore anyway. i guess i really do need a reason to slow down and sniff the roses right now.

my dad has been in the hospital now, for two weeks, and about to get released to a nursing home for another week or two. pretty sure he will be mostly bedridden for the rest of his life, if he doesn’t partake of physical therapy this time, and really try to get off his ass more. hoping he’s around when i get back from vacation. mom has already said if something happens, it happens, no rush to get back. really.

another story i heard at work the other day:

coworkers were sitting outside at tables, eating their lunch. some guy, with an armload of packages, trips on the sidewalk in front of them. boxes pop open, contents fly everywhere.

turns out it was food.

the guy spends ten minutes scooping stuff back into the boxes with his bare hands, cleaning things up. he goes quickly back to his car with the boxes.

they go back to eating their lunch.

they see him again, this time carrying one of those food service delivery bags on his shoulder. hmm. they say.

he continues into the building. a few minutes later, they see the guy head back to the car with an empty bag, who gets in his car, and drives away.

a few ticks later, the male coworker, thinks, “hmm, did he just make a food delivery? of that food he just dropped?? OMG!!!”

they inquired at the receptionist of our company, when lunch was over, if there had been a delivery, and told the story of what they suspected happened. no one in our office. there are several businesses in our building, so security made some calls.

i think they figured out where it went, and security has footage of the whole food scooping incident, since he tripped right in front of one of the security cameras.

i’m gone from the office now, so won’t learn the rest of the story until i get back, if i even do then, since it was another company. hoping the people in that meeting noticed the extra grit in their meal and stopped eating it.

here’s a studebaker i saw about a month ago at ruby’s on a friday evening. i think i’ve only been there twice this season, and this particular evening was a piss-poor turnout. compared to previous years, there was hardly anything. don’t think there was a holiday, so i don’t know what was going on.

the front of these cars always look like they are smiling, so that’s the way i like to shoot them.

gotta get packing. i don’t know italian. i don’t know french. to quote my better half, who probably stole it from a movie, “i don’t speak french, i only kiss that way.”

i shot the sheriff

1938 studebaker commander

i went to ruby's for about an hour this evening. wasn't really in to it, but went anyway. needed to stretch my legs, after another busy day at work and 10 hours of sitting on my ass.

was bright and sunny when i arrived, but the sky got gloomier to match my mood. if it had started raining, it would have been so much better. not that many cars this evening.

spotted the guys from the tribe, saw his car, but didn't see the ring leader, and by then didn't want to get voted off the island, so i didn't interrupt their party.

this was the last car i shot. teenager inside was told to make the siren blare a couple of times while i was close by, so thanks for that. a guy said it belonged to his friend, and asked about my pictures, so he wins the prize and gets it posted tonight.

one little indian boy

hot rod & studebaker

i saw this hot rod several times at the pep boys show before they put an end to it. it was always parked too close to other cars and often the owners were all sitting around in front of it, so i never really got a shot i liked of it. i did get an ok shot of the hood ornament once.

found it this time over at the buena park elks lodge. i think the show only started a few weeks ago. i'd never been there, so i pulled into the lot and parked near the entrance in an unmarked spot. there were the typical reserved spots at an elks lodge, like one for "knights" and such.

i got out of my car, opened the trunk and started getting my camera set up. loading batteries and cards, cleaning the lenses. finally pulled my bag and tripod out, closed the trunk and was ready to go.

then from across the lot, one of the grand poobahs asked, "are you an elk?" took all that i had not to come back with a "do i look like an elk?" type answer. i told him no, and then he advised that the parking lot was for elks only, i'd have to move to the street. would help if they'd put up a sign at the driveway. way to roll out the welcome mat, oh holy moly one. might as well have told me to piss off.

so, i heaved all my gear back into my trunk and moved the car. almost considered giving this show the finger, but figured i'd already wasted time and gas finding it, so i might as well take a quick turn around the lot. fortunately, i got there early enough, there was plenty of space right across the street. unfortunately, i got there early enough, there wasn't much to see. kinda disappointing. several cars that used to go to the garden grove main street show, a couple i see at cypress, and only a few i've never seen. one guy i spoke to did say they usually get about 60 or 70 cars. i've heard that before, and i'll believe it when i see it.

i didn't stay long, as i was heading to ruby's halloween show right after.

wtf is an elk anyway, and why would anyone want to be one? do they wear the big hats with horns like fred flinstone and barney rubble? secret handshakes? what's with the silly names for the exulted leaders? guess i'm not old enough to want to be part of that club anyway. i'll stop now before i get into trouble.

happy happy joy joy

i'm going to go ahead and post another tonight, since i'm not sure i'll have time tomorrow.

i had to go to LAX today. and as you can probably guess, any time i'm out of my usual haunts, i try and find a new car show to check out. more bang for my buck, as long as i'm in the area or something.

anyhew, it was early on a sunday, so there was a million dollar breakfast show up in marina del ray. never been there before; i'm usually sleeping in on sundays, so i don't hit a lot of the real early shows as it is. not sure if this was an average turn out, but there were less than a dozen classic and muscle cars at the time i was there. from an old bentley to a more modern mustang. small selection, but at least there was variety. it was kinda overcast, so maybe more people didn't want to come on down.

whooped out my camera gear and started taking some shots. i've been to early shows on saturdays on occasion, and know that the cars come and go, as people finish up their coffee or whatever.

i believe the guy that runs the show (he gave me his card, but it's out in my car still) came over to ask if i was with any magazines, etc. being the social retard that i am, i really didn't say a lot, except that i was doing it as a hobby, blah blah. didn't even mention my blog at the time. errrr.

anyway, i have several decent shots of some of the cars, that i will share sooner or later. starting with this studebaker, since the owner and his buddy were the first to come over and talk a little with me. i even showed them my book of prints, which always makes me seem more competent, even when i'm having a socializing brain fart. scuse my french. lol. it's late.

funny thing about these studebakers, they look so happy from this angle, even like it's smiling. the color of the car adds to it's playfulness. but if you shoot from a bit higher angle, it looks more weasley, with bulging eyes. and the other shot i have of this one reminds me of the irvine auto center otter mascot. don't ask why, it just does.

and i did go back over to the guy that gave me his card, and handed him one of mine...but i still didn't say very much to him...sorry about that.

time for bed now. nighty night, bunny wab-bit.

all that glitters ain't gold


this glittery '53 studebaker custom was at the santa elks lodge in may. pal joey puts on a well-attended once-a-month show, with a live band, food, trophies and raffles...the whole sheebang.

nice orange sparkles, combined with the reddish-orange flames made this a quite striking car. then put it butt up against that sunny-bright car behind it here and my eyes were burning. i don't know if it won anything, but it should have.