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1948 chevrolet stylemaster

1948 chevrolet stylemaster

this car has an interesting color combo; it really stands out. hope the judges came round to the back lot to inspect all of the cars hiding back here.

i really have nothing to say just now. or rather, i could, but you don't want to hear it.

took a quick walk uptown with my better half and his mother...she actually wanted to get out of the house today. so uptown in her wheelchair she goes, with us tagging along behind her. 

stopped in the little old bookstore, or whatever they call it now—they're moving out of town in a week, books are on sale; they both spent half an hour looking through the books. i got tired and sat down.

then they kept rolling further uptown, but didn't get very far. she wanted to go into the not ninety-nine cent store to look around. i was feeling a bit off and knew that was going to take a while...she has to look at every little thing...so took my better half's keys and went home. he'll call when they need to get in the house.

they're still not back. my head hurts, so i'm glad i left. i'm happy she's out and about though, and her back is currently not hurting. weather is perfect, and life is short. enjoy it.


1951 chevy deluxe

during the course of the two hours i was at the anti-bomb show, i felt welcomed, both personally and as a photographer. the people that know me, greeted me with hugs, the others were very friendly.

i, of course, was slowly dying from the heat, and bartering in my mind how long i could stay, vs how red i was willing to let my skin get. top it off with a hot flash while standing in the shade, and an instant slick of sweat on my face, and that feeling of that one drip sliding down my spine, pretty much sealed the deal, and had me considering buying an ice cream from the little ice cream cart vendor. 

i wanted an ice cream sandwich, but those get too messy with the chocolate on the fingers, so then decided on a bomb pop. nope, he didn't have the one i wanted, so passed on the ice cream. 

was heading over to the hosts' door, where everyone seemed to be hanging out, to buy a bottle of water, when my friend from the veteranos offered me one. that guy saves me every time. gotta pay him back with a case and a print of his car one of these days.

this car is simple and clean. i just like the angle in this shot, not too distorted by the lens.

back street boy

chevrolet fleetmaster

we went to the fundraiser for oscar at bob's big boy this evening. got there just around start, at five. back lot was already pretty full, front lot for restaurant patrons was also pretty full, but i managed to just get a spot at the end of the overhang.

mistake. should have got there earlier. so many cars. not enough space. people everywhere. oscar was a popular guy.

the parking lot was literally jammed within an hour. no more cars could fit, or there was no way to get to the random spaces that had been saved for friends.

sun went down so quickly, that i had to start taking longer exposures not long after. finally got tired of fighting the people walking through the shots, so i went out the back entrance of the lot, to see what was on the street.

cars were still arriving, but weren't being allowed in. went out on the street and shot the closest cars; didn't want to go around the corner in the dark—better half was still somewhere inside, with the crowd.

saw this chevy parked near the entrance. couple of guys were sitting nearby, and another car pulled in front of it, blocking the driveway, but i had a few minutes without interruption.

owner was standing nearby watching. came over and peeked at the screen. said it was his project car. not a bad project to have.

the kid

1939 pontiac

i made it out to both car shows yesterday. skipped the evening trunk n treat—by then i wasn't feeling well. probably had too much sun. or yesterday's carnitas got their revenge. maybe i should just not eat them anymore.

i shot a lot of pictures. so now i am behind about four shows in the last couple of weeks, for anyone looking for their car. again, if i promised to put yours up, send me an email, because i am starting to forget.

this one is from the second show, at the whittier elks lodge. the veteranos were the host club, and i got a hug from one disguised/acting as security at the gate. he even gave me an ice cold water, which i really appreciated.

near the entrance, the originals club had their cars lined up behind their pop up, which kind of sucks, because there's the tent, which i hate, but whatever. my friend armando, who i've run into off and on for what he says is four years now, was there, and seeing the other guy get a hug, wanted one too. introduced me to his youngest daughter, who was spending time with dad at a car show. chatted with him for a while, then went and got started shooting cars. 

when the pavement got too hot, i went back and caught some shade and probably talked to him for over a half an hour. he's a new dad. suprised the wife let him go out and play, but i'm sure he'll make it up to her somehow.

at some point, he asked me to take a picture of his car with his daughter. she seemed pretty shy, and didn't know what she should do, and i was all awkward because i don't usually shoot people...wait, that sounded weird...take pictures of people.

this one turned out ok, and caught her looking at me, instead of her dad, who really should have jumped in with his kid for a picture.

the trunk

go dodgers

was asked to shoot this trunk. owner had been chatting with my better half, and called me over.

i like baseball, grew up watching the dodgers and listening to vin scully, so ok, i'll shoot it.

haven't really paid much attention to the games this year, or baseball at all. one thing after another, ya know.

posting it in honor of his retirement, on this, the last day calling a game. we'll miss you, vin!

missing san pedro today; celebrating our ninth anniversary this week out of town. happy my better half has put up with me this long; he deserves a cuddle or something.

pretty maids...

veteranos car club

another from yesterday. i suspect this isn't all of the club, but my better half talked to the owner of the pontiac, who said the other members had him check the weather outside, being that he lived close to the area, and after reporting that it was half dry and half wet, they decided to just sleep in.

apparently, some other car owner he knows called him very early wondering where he was, being that he was at the show, there was no rain, and plenty of parking.

this parking lot should have been packed, but because of the clouds, it wasn't. seems it was not a problem getting there late, and still possible to park with the group.

so i shot them, without too many people walking through the shot. this one from one point, on my tripod. thinking i should have moved myself a bit vs the pivoting the ball head on the tripod, to avoid this distortion.

but i still kinda like it.

good thing this was a group shot, or i wouldn't have shot that one with the hood up. :) it ruins the shot. :)

junk in the trunk

it's been a crazy week. got back from my trip up north, home for a couple evenings, then out of town again. 

so, friday finally rolls around, when i finally make it home again, i'm too tired to head out to either of the car shows i wanted to go to. hung out with the better half instead, since i hadn't seen him much since last week.

then today, the annual running of the idiots, before six in the morning. i mean, <clearing throat>, the halloween 5k fun run. seriously, why do they need to shut down all the streets, and have idiots running past the house so early? mostly, the "serious" "marathon" runners. the people that just have to win the little trophy. followed later by all the average schlubbs dressed in anything from blue jeans and t-shirts to full on halloween costumes. aren't those costumes going to stink later, when you really need them? polyester 'breathes' so well, you hardly even sweat. actually, no, you're just glowing. pfft.

better half left me the driveway to park in, while he had to park a couple of blocks away. been too warm to hike back over to the plural zed alpha to retrieve it. maybe later.

all i have for halloween, is stuff from the day of the dead show.

figure a trunk full of skulls will do. not sure who the guy in the picture was, as no one was there to tell me about him. i'm sure he is missed.

javier's hot potato

it got pretty hot in the afternoon on saturday in chino. had to take a few breaks and hide in the shade. days like that make me want some sort of air conditioned/cold water suit to wear, sort of michelin man looking. that, or just wear shorts and a bikini top, but then i'd just burn up in the sun.

this is one of the cars i found early in the morning, parked on the shady side of the street. good thinking...did you scope it out the day before?

i've seen this car before. it's javier's car; says so on the tag. and he introduced himself as javier too, so let's just call him javier. :)  and it's a tan color, sort of like a potato, so just go with it. i'm running out of title ideas. lol.

he asked me about how to get a picture. easiest is to send me an email, and i'll upload it to my print vendor site, and you can either order direct from there, or i can make other arrangements for ordering and delivery. if javier happens to be looking for this one, he can find it here.

this looks a little dark on my screen here. i'll have to check it out somewhere else. might have to tweak it a bit more.