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still around

 1955 chevy truck

1955 chevy truck

went out to the just memories/kustom classics toy drive last night in bellflower. i’m a bit rusty, as i haven’t been out as much. 

got there about four-thirty, before the official start time. really just some of the club cars there, and mostly the hopper types. shrugged and just went with it, since i was there. 

figured i try to remember how to do night shots like i used to when i’d go to the broiler. have you noticed how fast the sun takes a dive this time of year? just blink and it’s dark early, too. 

no one really bothered me, while i skuttled around trying to stay out of the way, as more cars did show up eventually. the lot got pretty full by the time i left three hours later. 

i did run into one friendly face, who did chat for a bit. apparently he had heard i’d been in a bad accident, hit by a car or something. first i’d heard of it. wasn’t me, obviously, as i was there chatting with him, but fun story anyway. i was expecting to start hearing stuff, since i don’t go out much—family obligations get priority—can only juggle so much.

this was the last shot of the night. i’d done one more look around, and saw this one sitting in front of carl’s. i’d shot it from the other side, as there were a couple of guys sitting where i’d set my tripod on the other side, but then the owner, i presume, said he liked it better from the other side. i saw that it had the spare tire on it, so i agreed. told him there were dudes there and didn’t want to bother them, whereupon, he got them to move.

it turned out ok, in spite of people that did walk through my long exposures.

to the wordsmith that felt the need to send me the email “ur dumb” with the three word message: “this website sucks,”… i applaud your economy of words; precise and to the point, yet lacking in any real constructive criticism. be still my heart. what shall i do?

no one is keeping you here. perhaps you should stick to the instagram page—no reading necessary.

and then i got on with my life…

go dodgers

 1953 chevy truck

1953 chevy truck

almost midnight in florence, and my kid has found one way or another to get online and watch the dodger game. lol. would have thought the wine they drank at dinner would have knocked him out, but he’s all keyed up to watch the game.

no real plan for the morning, so sleeping in anyway. we ended the evening early with gelatos, but trying to upload pics for family to see just seems to make the time scream by, and now it’s later than i’d expected.

going to climb four-hundred-sixty-three steps tomorrow, to the top of the duomo—top of the cupola of this famous church—which is about double what we did today, so i need the rest.

posting this bad-ass truck, cuz it’s a beautiful color, and oh so shiny. 

week off

 1946 chevy truck

1946 chevy truck

i got back from my road trip two days early. caught up on some sleep today.

i should go for a walk, but i've only been out of the house to drive somewhere to pick up lunch. so tired of the food places uptown, but i don't know what else i'd have. kinda craving a salad right now. one out by house, not here in whittier. maybe when i go visit my parents...

i noticed some bananas getting over-ripe in the kitchen, so i guess i'll make some bread. way to spend some free days, right?

truck from the veteranos' kick back at in-n-out...was just a week ago now? two? haven't seen one of these models in a while.

bitches need stitches

pomona 1-1323And7morehdr.jpg

a unique truck seen at pomona earlier this month. kinda ugly, but i sorta like it.  not a lot of people around; after not having a swap meet in december, i'm guessing everyone had raced over to find needed parts before they were gone.

went to the doctor today. she'd noticed a mole...i argue it was just a freckle...and wanted to have it checked out.  

so got it numbed up and she scraped off whatever part of it she wanted, and supposedly i have three stitches where the thing used to be. 

pretty sure it was nothing, and bitch just wanted to cut me. 

night and day

 48 stylemaster delivery truck

48 stylemaster delivery truck

not really night, but still dark enough. i've seen this chevy a few times over the years. these pics, a week apart.  the difference in the light, and how much i like it is night and day.

dramatic sky of the sunrise is preferable to high noon, though the overhead lighting kinda ruins the effect a bit. 

at least the daytime shot, the owner came over after i'd already shot it, and dropped it for me. i like them better that way. with the front end up, it's almost like looking up someone's nose. 

harbor knights1-2066And9morehdr.jpg

still here

chevy truck

not feeling well enough to go out to car shows right now, but good enough to walk uptown. so, cruise on by, so i can take a picture. it's my own little car show driving past our window, most every day.

heard some news from an old co-worker today. bad times. that sucks. happened to check facebook messenger, which i hardly ever do, and there was a month old message there. they happened to be online when i replied.

then another former co-worker's dog passed away a few weeks before xmas. that had to be ruff. see what i did there. been there, done that. losing a pet always sucks.

hoping for a better new year for everyone.

here's an old shot from the bomb club show last summer at santa anita racetrack. an old truck with 'character.'

those spindly palm trees kind of bother me, but not enough to erase them.

one day in, then off again

latin gents 1-0839And9morehdr.jpg

i like this picture, lens flares and all. let's just say there's a ghost in the driver's seat.

i've been away from home for two weeks probably, taking care of getting my dad to his hospital stay, followed by another week of getting over the worst cold i've had in a long time. 

now i've been back in whittier for about twenty-four hours. enough to get some laundry done, and walk uptown for lunch. heading off to work in the early morning monday, doing a couple of rescheduled doctor appointments of my own in the afternoon. then tuesday, i'm off on a road trip to seattle.

small window of good weather before xmas, so off i go driving my kid's car to her. better half can't go with; mom won't go with, dad won't go with, bro isn't in town, sister busy, so me, myself and i keeping company in an untested car.

and then i'll still have a bunch of vacay hours i could take...


 1953 chevy truck

1953 chevy truck

saw this truck at the dia de los muertos show last month. that paint is so cherry red and delicious...so appropriate it's in front of the candy store.

my kid had spun out on the freeway on some ice last month, and insurance totaled her car. her dad has been looking for a decent used car for her—he said on friday that he may have found one. i'd previously offered to help drive it up there, but now he can't get the time off.

so i may be taking a not completely unexpected road trip north to washington state this week. just wasn't expecting to have to go so soon. i guess i'll have to tell my boss as soon as i know for sure.

then i need to get a one-way ticket back asap, before the price gets much higher.

my brother may go, or i'll just drive it alone. either way, i like being on the road. he's gotta be back by a particular day, cuz he needs to get somewhere else, so timing will be tight.

just saw my kid last week, and pretty much will be handing over the keys, and maybe get a meal, then outta there, and back to work by monday.

they've said i need to use my vacation time anyway.

lost weekend

chevy truck

clean truck from the uptown show. not the first time i've shot it, but this is definitely one of my favs. shiny like candy.

mostly been sitting in the house, avoiding the sun, helping my better half help his mom. did not go to any car shows. i've seen pictures from one of the shows i might have gone to, and am only slightly bummed i missed it.

i have walked uptown a couple of times, driven my car once, that's about the extent of escaping for short periods of time. so hot outside, makes me feel like my head is on fire when i have a hot flash on top of that...maybe it's time to cut my hair.

i hear my sister-in-law is about to be a gramma for the third time, today, so maybe she'll come back here in a day or two. crossing my fingers. really hate working from home, when i actually have work i need to do...the connection to the office is sooooo slooooowwww, and only sees one of my screens, so i have to work on everything in small windows. PITA.

probably won't go see my dad today, father's day, since that would take me out of the house for a minimum of three hours. i took him out to eat last week, and i'll see him in a few days, when i am free to go back to the office too. happy father's day, dad, whenever you happen to lurk here.

found a picture from when i was a kid, on an old computer. i think i used it as a wallpaper at one time, before they put a standard wallpaper on the computers at work.

there's my little bro and his friend, skippy, holding a big damn bullfrog that i found in a swamp, under a board. they caught it, and brought it home for my mom to take a picture. all the guts, all the glory, but i think i was mad, since i had found it in the first place.

look, look, i had a pissed off face even then, so don't take it personally, ok?

abuelo's 55

1955 chevrolet truck

quick post. quickly realizing there is not enough time to get everything done before vacation or in a day, even.

told a few people i'd post pics of their cars from last weekend's walnut high school fundraiser/unidos car club show. 

here's a front view at the owner's request. hood up, i don't like, but that's they way he set it up. guess i'll add an engine shot when i have time. 

gotta get to work now...more later.