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    • october 1, 2016
    • • showlows car show, st hilary catholic church, pico rivera
    • october 2, 2016
    • • legends carshow by the sea, point fermin
    • october 15, 2016
    • • pomona valley mining company - groupe car club 45th anniversary - pomona
    • november 26, 2016
    • • huffarama, ontario
    • december 10, 2016
    • • mooneyes xmas, irwindale speedway


    fuck chipotle

    1965 chevy impalasaw this at legg lake, end of summer cruise. very clean, and not one i typically care about. but i like nice pinstripes, and the tail lights are distinctive, so there you go.


    i grow tired of going to the same places for lunch every day at work. don't get me wrong, there are a lot more fine dining establishments nearby, but i get an hour, and i dont want to pay twenty bucks for something fancy every day.

    so end of last week, i thought i'd give chipotle a shot again. it had been a while since they'd been in the news for food borne illness, and figured maybe they had gotten their shit together.

    well, they must have gotten their shit together. the employees must have put that shit into the carnitas, cuz i got sick a day later, and felt like shit all weekend. chills and cramps. it was over a hundred outside, but i was under a blanket off and on for a day.

    as usual, there wasn't much of a line there. the enthusiastic employee that greeted me and served up my burrito was really quite nice, though a bit over the top, but i think that it was just his personality.

    now on the other side of a crap weekend, i'd really just like to reach over that glass partition, grab him by his chubby face, and scream, "i know it was you, fredo!" then invite him to go for a ride on a boat to catch some fish...

    anyway, i didn't do much for most of the weekend. late sunday, i did manage to go uptown, to snap a picture of an old car i'd seen drive by the window. but no shows for me. just sleeping, crapping, and whining about the cramp in my side. yay. 

    never say never, but it will be a very long time before i venture into that place again. thanks, fredo.



    1959 chevrolet impalasame clubs and cars always seem to get these spaces under the solar panels at san fernando. i suppose because they usually pull the wheels off, and stick mirrors under them, tossing shiny marbles around as decoration.

    i guess i understand the why, but at that point, i usually move along. not interested in the soft underbelly of the car, and all the clean chrome that might be found there. 

    caught this one before they had a chance to pop the hood, or balance it up on three wheels or something similar. pretty sure he moved it soon after i took this shot, since i only have the one of it.


    after a few hours research, and looking at the last minute booking prices, we decided to just take a train down to san diego for our vacation. better half had an email with an incredible deal on a room for a week, as compared with other hotels in the area.

    anywhere else in the united states, aside from washington dc, was going to be out of the question due to price and/or weather issues, so one less thing to worry about.

    last time we did a week anniversary trip in san diego, it rained most of the week. really didn't matter. i like the rain, and i like to hang out with the better half, so we did fine. forecast this year is hot and sunny, so hoping to get out a bit and see stuff.

    too bad we're gonna miss the last games of the baseball season by a week. had an opportunity to get four tickets to a padres game last week, but i just got back from my road trip, and couldn't do it. my son's former college roommate made the team a year or so ago, and seems to be doing well. would have been fun to watch him play.

    well, the good news is that we will be able to get to the saint hilary's show on saturday; bad news, we'll be unable to go to san pedro—have fun jimbo39. take lots of pictures and post them!



    1954 chevy bel airsaw this car pull up in the middle of the lane in front of the gym at san fernando high school, during move in for the show in july. he jumped out and took a few shots of his ride with the building behind it. figured as long as he was doing that, i'd just ask if he minded if i got a shot too.

    not one of my best, and it seems a little out of focus, but maybe that just gives it a more dream-like early morning quality. ya, i'll go with that excuse. i like it anyway.


    we are getting so bad about planning our anniversary trips as the years go by. used to book them six months in advance, and have something to look forward to and plan for.

    the last few, maybe a couple months of planning. don't really get the best deals that way, but we don't go to crazy ass places anyway. better half needs to get a passport one of these years...but that's another story.

    now, we had to schedule our vacation early this year, but in another week, better half's sister will be here to take car of their mom, and we are going to...hell if i know. we have nothing planned. i just blew a wad, showing my mom a good time, and doing my kid a favor.

    not that we don't enjoy our time together; we're just both so effn busy with each of our jobs, and me chasing cars and working on pictures on my free time. and just not having any particular place in mind that we gotta see.

    just know we gotta get away from the grind at work, and it really is an increasing workload. and yes, our employers flip out when we are away. somehow a good chunk of the work doesn't get touched and is waiting for our return, followed by a frenzy of "missed" deadlines.

    i just don't know. and to top it off, we're early this year, and the san pedro show is late, running the weekend we are supposed to take off. same with st hilary's. so that sucks.

    at least we should be back for the dia de muertos show, which is just up the street, so that will be nice to return to.

    now i'm just rambling about shit no one cares about, but i can, so i will.


    long time, no see

    1963 chevy impalasaw this impala early at chicano park. anything parked by this mural is always a good shot. the mural is colorful on it's own. park a nice car in front of it, it makes a pretty picture. 

    i think i have one of a truck in front of it later in the day. not so sparkly a paint job, but nice truck.


    was gone for ten days. long road trip, my mom came along for the ride. i drove a big rental truck of stuff to my daughter in washington, then a rental car back. 

    let me tell you it's a long drive when you don't have someone to help with the driving. my feet hurt. my legs hurt. my butt hurt. lol. i was all butt hurt.

    my mom would not have been able to handle it. she doesn't drive freeways anymore, much less a truck. should have seen her face when after gassing up the first time, i said it was her turn. priceless.

    we saw a lot of stuff, but didn't have too much extra time to really get a good look around. i'd stop here and there, but mostly, it was about getting to the next hotel for the night. 

    i did love the scenery though. i like road trips, even if they hurt. i miss the trees already.

    stopped and saw family in san jose, then instead of going through big sur and monterey, decided to cut and run for an overnight in solvang. then had to cut that short to get home and turn around to take my brother to lax. 

    home a day early. trying to get laundry done, but this washing machine hates me, and keeps going off balance, trying to commit suicide by rocking itself off the little pedestal it sits on. my better half decided to give it a shot after i was found giving it a double finger salute one too many times, and dropping a few f-bombs.

    omg. there's never enough time, is there?


    full moon fever

    1941 pontiac hood ornamentwell, we're on our way back from washington, my mom and i. driving down the 101 along the coast. somewhere in oregon tonight. giant full moon in the sky. i've got my tripod with me, but haven't really used it. busy driving on winding forest roads.

    one of my new cameras is refusing to read any memory card, so will have to ship it in for service. realizing that i do ok shooting cars sitting still, and sometimes portraits. but landscapes without a tripod, pfft. i shake too much. that and i'm really trying to like the sony a6000, but i only brought one lens for it, and not the adapter to use the others on it. less pictures, more memories, being in the moment. at least that's what i'm going with.

    lots of tweakers in seattle and tacoma, so didn't get all my gear out. but i have it, just in case i cross a car show, or random car in the wild.

    one observation on the limited number of classic cars i've noticed driving the last week, is that ninety percent are fords, mostly hot rodded white boy style, and one hundred percent of the cars still on the road are painted with flames. the last big show of their season was last week before we arrived. owners start garaging them after that, before the rains really start. i did see a red flamed studebaker for sale.

    the other observation, is that they love big trucks and muscle cars. bigger and louder the better.

    so i'm going through fleetline withdrawals, and on my way to fix that, but that's still a week away. hoping to drive through giant redwoods, and stop in san fran for crab dinner, then san jose, to say hello to my future niece. after that, maybe salinas to visit deadend magazine for a tshirt.

    yadda yadda yadda.

    i'm sure my better half is keeping himself so busy he hardly notices that i'm gone. the house is probably cleaner than it has been in a long time.


    love pontiac hood ornaments. even if it doesn't seem to be original.