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    pay it forward

    1936 buick

    stunning buick from the oldies san fernando show. had to wait a bit for the owner and his friends to move out of the way. i took the opportunity to hang out in the shade across the street, and to shoot a few of the dodges that were over there.

    they finally finished polishing the car, and moved back enough that i could get a quick set of shots.


    i might have told this one before, but its relevant today. a long and possibly boring and overly detailed story, that no one will care about, but it gives me something to write, which i haven't had much time to do lately.

    besides, it will give my buddy jimbo39, something to read with his morning coffee.


    couple of years ago, better half and i were in washington dc for our anniversary. 

    this was back when the iphone 6 plus had just come out, and my better half had just purchased one before our trip. damn thing is so big, but he has big hands... [and big feet...he'd say sometimes big feet just mean big feet...]

    one day on vacation, we had rented a car to get out of dodge, and head out to one of the caverns i'd visited as a kid growing up there. we realized we didn't have a car charger for the thing, and we were using it to navigate us there. so we stopped out in the middle of east jesus nowhere at some cell phone carrier's store, to get one. the phones were so new, that the hickified sales people had never seen a live one yet; they were expecting a couple in a shipment that day. they all gathered round and asked if they could hold it. golllll-eeee, jim bob.

    they ain't my kin; i was a navy brat, so we just lived there for a few years, but my better half likes to say i'm related to everyone in virginia and west virginia.

    anyway, they happened to have a charger that fit the phone, and he got his phone back and we headed on down the road.

    during our trip, we had remained stubbornly on cali time.

    end of the week, late in the afternoon the day before we were to catch a plane home, we were having a late lunch in the air & space museum on the mall, at mickey d's [a little vomit in my mouth]. that's what you have to choose from inside that particular museum, so we just went with it.

    we hung out enjoying the air conditioning for about an hour. then realizing the museums would only be open for maybe another hour, so we headed over to the natural history museum.

    if you've never been to dc and/or on the mall there, you don't really have a feel for how far it is to trot across the field and over several city blocks. add on top of that, the sections that are closed off for field renewal or other construction, and you're sort of running a maze. then run a gauntlet of school children on a field trip, sitting in large groups on the stairs leading up to the entry doors, waiting on their busses to take them back to the school, only to have to wait in line to get through security and metal detectors at every museum anymore.

    all this took a bit of time. but then you get in, and everything slows down. things are changed from when i was a kid, but the elephant is still there in the rotunda. they've cleaned him up, and moved his tiger buddy to another room. and the worse thing is, they somehow removed that taxidermy smell that used to overpower the room, the one that would take me back to being that little kid on my own school field trip, or a weekend with my parents and sibs at the museums. sucks.

    anyway, we were looking for a particular piece of furniture that has been there forever. if you go to the second floor in the bones wing, you will see a round, fiberglass nineteen-sixties vintage sitting pod, that sort of looks like a space ship. you can see it in a little virtual tour from the museum's website, if you take a little look around on the second floor, in the blue section of the map, bones: 3, you'll see what i'm talking about.

    the reason is, when my brother and i were little little kids, we used to climb on this thing, though i think it was a bright orange back then. it used to be a little further down the hall, below a domed ceiling. the thing about it was the sheer perfection of the acoustics. if you've never experienced the concavity of an old fiberglass seat, you should, especially if you need to slice one off. my little brother's favorite thing to do used to be to sit in one of the shallows and fart. BANG! it reverberated. it embarassed our mother. it was perfection.

    so anytime one of us are in dc, we have to go check to see if its still there, knowing one of these years they will pull it and replace it with some less durable piece of crap seating. i always take a picture and send it to my bro. 

    this time, my better half suggested we each take a seat and take a selfie to send to him. leaning over to be in the frame, i hear a FRAP! holy shit, my better half let one rip—he was trying to help me get the full experience or something. but ewww, and omg so funny.

    getting on with the original point of this bit of history, i wanted to take a quick stop down the end of that hall, to check out the mummies. i stopped to ask my better half how much time do we have left before the museum closes?

    he went to check his phone for the time, and, well, his phone was gone. his brand new phone. lost in dc. a city full of tourists. and the ipad was back in the hotel room, so he couldn't just do a find my phone and hope at that point. and we were leaving the next day, not really any time to come back to inquire at lost and found desks anywhere, or to meet up with some stranger, if we did happen to locate them on the app.

    i did have my old iphone five on me at the time, but i had to dig it out of my jacket or purse, or wherever. it had just been easier to ask him for the time, since his phone hangs off his belt all the time. it was about twenty minutes to closing.

    after a quick, panicked melt down, we retraced our steps, through this museum, back to the farting chair. not there. we stopped at the lost and found room. no phones turned in there either.

    remembering the last time he had it in his hand, was at the air & space museum, we decided we'd try to make it back in time. practically running through the mall maze, while i attempted to call his number, in hopes that someone would answer the phone, we moved at a suprisingly quick pace, even for me.

    someone even answered, but said nothing, then hung up. shit. where could they be? i sent a few text messages hoping they would respond or call back somehow.

    we got to the other museum entrance with minutes to spare. first we checked in at lost and found, in case someone had turned in a lost phone. nope. we headed back to the mickey d, where they had already shut the doors, and security was trying to get the patrons already inside to finish their meals and get out. we explained the situation, and talked our way in, figuring we'd just check the table where we'd sat for lunch.

    sadly, it was not at the table or under it or anywhere. so so bummed.

    on our way back out, we passed an employee, and asked if they'd found a phone. she was a little dicey, could practically imagine the little halo over her head, but she said no, she hadn't found a phone. she noticed her manager not far away, so we asked him. he was on his way out, but hadn't known about one being turned in. he left.

    then the original employee, called over to another employee, an older lady, and said something to her in spanish. she came over and pulled the phone out of her uniform pocket.

    better half was so relieved to get his phone back, he offered the lady a hundred bucks. she declined to take it several times, but he finally convinced her to use it to buy something for her grandchildren. she finally took it, and we left, tired after the adrenaline fueled hike over to this museum, and incredibly finding the phone.


    fast forward to yesterday. i'm leaving work, heading to my mom's house for the night. exiting the parking garage, and in the turnabout outside, i swear i'd just passed over a cell phone on the ground. checking the rearview mirror, i quickly pulled to the curb, and got out to investigate.

    figured i'd grab it before a car actually ran it over and crushed it.

    yes, turned out to be an iphone six plus, just like my better half's. but in some sort of protective waterproof exoskeleton of a case. i'm sort of blocking the exit, so i throw it in my car and take off.

    at my mom's i'm trying to figure out what to do with it. obviously, its locked, and it isn't going to recogize my fingerprint. i notice that there had been a missed call about an hour earlier. fortunately, the phone lets you swipe to call it back from a locked screen, so i give it a shot. 

    second ring, some guy answers. sounding like an idiot, i explain that i'd found this phone, and was trying to find the owner, that i noticed he'd called, and hoped that he knew the owner, hoping he wasn't just some random telemarketer.

    he did know the guy, though he wouldn't give the name or the number. said he's also lost a phone...

    sorry, i only found this one phone, could he please contact the owner somehow, and tell him to call back on his cell.

    later, after not getting any call back, i realized the thing was on silence, and i'd missed a few different calls and text messages. none, i think from the owner, just his friends, wondering why he hadn't called or what up? i would literally have to be looking at it to notice it had lit up and was "ringing." and since i was doing other stuff, i hadn't "heard" it.

    it was low on battery, so i had to figure out how to open the charger port on this fort knox of a box, to get it some juice.

    i figured i'll find out more about it in the morning and got ready for bed. then the thing rang with an obnoxious ring tone, very loudly. the owner had triggered the find my phone, and sent a message saying his name was bryan, and giving a phone number, which the phone offered to dial. so i finally got to speak to him. he offered to come get it right then, he's in santa ana, he'd meet me anywhere. he did describe where he had been, which did place him at my office building, so it was the owner. i'm betting he put it on the roof of his car and drove off forgetting about it, hence it hitting the ground on accelerating out of the parking garage.

    told him, i'm ready to go to sleep, could he meet me at my office in the morning? he said he'd call back after i'm in the office at seven.

    today, at almost eleven, when i go to lunch, i still hadn't heard from him. so i hit the call back button, that still was showing on his screen. he finally answers, and apologizes. not clear on if he had a contractor in his house, or if he was a contractor on a job in a house, but he hadn't been able to let me know yet.

    he offered to meet me when i go to lunch. told him i was on my way out right then. settled on him meeting me in an hour, when i got back.

    so, an hour later, he found me sitting on the wall, nearby where he originally dropped it. he totally wanted to give me a reward, write a check or something. sad to think he felt he had to compensate me in some way. maybe people expect to be rewarded. it's his phone, i was just doing the right thing, giving it back to him, as i'd hope someone would do the same for me, if i ever lose something.

    he was insisting, but i told him i'd lost a phone before, and someone gave it back; i'm just paying it forward. he said thanks again, very happy to have his phone back, and i headed back in to ride the elevator back up to my desk.

    the end.


    no style

    1954 chevythis is a telling of a chick problem, so dudes should probably tell themselves, who gives a shit, and move on. enjoy the picture, and get on with your day.

    shiny car, sitting on the ground. maybe it'll lay an egg. i'm in a mood.


    one of those rare weekends, where there were no shows on my calendar, no work to be at the office for, no shopping to do, and a crap load of pictures waiting to be seen. so i had set up an appointment to lop my hair off, or probably just nip the ends, and color it to a deep red, sort of like the color of this car.

    i had only found a new hair stylist after a year of not going, and the previous one ghosted from the profession. true, i don't go very often, but this last one had already switched salons, and kept me updated, so i thought i'd found a good one. even if i had to drive out to brea.

    when i called thursday for an appointment today, i thought the phone breaking up was the only issue in understanding what i needed done. set it for noon, so i could sleep in. also because they're in a freakin' small parking lot with a damn coffee drive-thru, so early morning means no parking.

    i went a bit early, so i could grab some lunch on the way. not enough time, so i stopped at a subway. bad idea. got there just before a pack of soccer kids showed up. looked like there had already been a food fight there before i arrived. all the tables were fairly dirty, with drips of mustard, mayo, or crinkles of lettuce on the table or seat.

    i suppose i should have been more paranoid about the bins of meats looking a little too "sweaty," and cheese looking a little too dali, but i went ahead and ordered. found a relatively clean corner of a four-person table, and took a few bites of the sandwich. they'd overloaded on the mustard, and it squirted out the other end. it hit the table, and not my clothes, so whatevs. realized i wasn't that hungry, at least for a subway sandwich, and randomly wondered why i hadn't just searched for a jersey mike's. i threw the food away, and headed to my appointment.

    found a decent parking space in the front corner, the caffeine rush over at the coffee shop. 

    entering the salon, the young nymphette at the front desk greeted me and asked how she could help me. "i have an appointment with fiona*." she looked at me blankly, like "wha?" i wondered if her head would whistle if you blew in her ear.

    she said, "fiona* was no longer with the salon. what was my phone number, it wasn't in the computer, or they would have called to let me know..." "how long has she been gone," i asked. another stylist came over to see what was going on, and said, "about a week, week and a half, but they had another stylist that could help me."

    i asked why, since i had only booked the appointment two days before, the bimbette answering the phone didn't mention it, and also that i had given her my number at the time, so i called b.s. on not having the number in the system.

    anyway, they had scheduled me with someone for a haircut. i met her assistant, who seated me in the chair, and brought over the straightjacket, i mean the black gown to keep the mess off your clothes. then the stylist is there, with some high falutin' name that no one can pronounce, and profusely apologizing for the whole mix up, but trying to give me confidence that everyone in the salon were artists.

    so, i started to tell her that i usually have fiona* color my hair red, and then i just wanted the ends cut. i never decide to chop it short or keep it long until i'm actually in the chair. depends entirely on my mood at the time. apparently, my subconscious wants to keep it. still curious how long it will get.

    my mom has a picture my brother took of me when i was maybe a freshman in college, and he was taking a class in high school. i'm looking over my shoulder, so cliche. it shows how long my hair was then. i'm still about four or five inches short of that now. i digress.

    the unpronouncably named stylist, flustered, says they had only booked enough time for a haircut, and they were all busy. almost thought she was going to offer up another stylist for the color, but no, they were all busy. she offered to just do the haircut, and book a color at another time.

    reiterating that i don't usually have free time to do this, much less the fact i hate dealing with hair stylists in the first place. i said i preferred to get both done at the same time, and i only wanted a trim, not a cut. asked if she wanted to reschedule several times, and i don't know if she wasn't hearing me or just not paying attention, but i managed to just leave with nothing to show for it, but a bad lunch and a quarter tank of gas less.

    so i'm just pissed, but not pissed. my hair is as untamed as it would have been, just not red, which was what i wanted more than the trim. and i need to find another stylist, so it may be a while.

    and then my stomach started to rumble in an unwelcome sort of way, so i quickly sped directly home to deal with the aftermath of that sandwich. it all comes out in the end.

    *names have been changed to protect the innocent.


    the night is dark and full of...

    1939 chevy master deluxei should say, it is leaning more toward morning in this shot. haven't really been out shooting at night for a long time. i really should work on that.

    been a while since i took this picture. i want to say there was a kid that belonged with this car that stood aside patiently, for me to finish, so he could get something from inside. i may be mixing it up with another car i shot later in the morning.

    whatever, long exposures are a hassle, so when i find a car by itself, and too early for lots of people or cars to be noticed, i'm happy.


    dealing with issues at work, where we have one less designer, and so follows, more work for those left behind. i'm coming off jury duty, and i have a road trip coming up. the schedule is really going to be a bit hectic for a while, more so than usual. anyone know a good junior or senior graphic designer, let me know.



    so baby

    found this car at san fernando last month. pretty sure i've seen it somewhere else, if not just the previous year at the same place. i want to say the tangiers cars are usually here, and a few show up at the showlows st hilary show in october.

    it was highly polished, and the sunrise was just popping the light through that clear coat.


    a little sunshine

    1937 chevyso i've spent a lovely week hanging out at a courthouse, doing my civic duty. don't know how that happened, as they usually look for the most ignorant jurors possible. they didn't even ask me any questions, and i had no other excuses to be unable to serve.

    love how all the jurors of a certain ethnic group, with only one exception, pulled the i don't speak english very well or acted like they completely didn't speak english at all. i call bullshit, but i guess if i was the one sitting next to the lawyer at the table, i wouldn't want them on the jury either.

    i won't bore you with details, but it was an interesting experience. i got to use my best assortment of bitch faces sitting in the jury box, glaring at both lawyers, and so they could not guess which way i might be leaning for or against the defendant.

    freaking freezing in the courtroom and deliberation room. was great if i had climbed the stairs or had a hot flash. otherwise, had to remember to bring a sweater.

    back to work and a more normal schedule to whine about, and freeways to sit in a slow roll upon, and think up topics i might posit here.


    caught this pistoleros car at the viejitos summer show in anaheim a couple of weeks back. its not finished, and i am making the assumption that they will eventually paint this car. but even if they decide they like the primer look, though i cannot understand it, you can see the beautiful lines of the car. the small details you'll never find on today's cars.

    i liked how they dropped it to the ground under this tree, perhaps in anticipation of shade later when the sun got to doing it's thing in the sky, but at this time of morning, there's just that kiss of sun on the back end, through the trees out of the frame.

    maybe that isn't something that you get worked up over, and sometimes random shadows on cars bug the hell out of me, but here i like it, and that it is hitting the skirt that doesn't match the rest of it. stupid, but that's how it was, and i liked it at the time.