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    upcoming shows that i hope to attend, or that i've heard about (thanks for your flyers):

    • october 30, 2016
    • trunk n treat @ friscos, puente hills
    • november 5, 2016
    • whittier high school car show, whittier
    • november 12, 2016
    • dukes/latin gents toy drive, cypress
    • november 26, 2016
    • huffarama, ontario
    • dino's bomb squad toy drive, lincoln park
    • december 10, 2016
    • mooneyes xmas, irwindale speedway


    thunderous bday wishes

    1940 buick woodie convertible

    is it a coincidence that the moment i started singing happy birthday into my phone, to make a recording to my daughter, lightning flashed, thunder roared above the house, and it started pissing rain from the skies? granted, it was just around six in the morning, and i was the only one up in the flickering light of the kitchen table, is it a sign? i texted my better half that "they moved the headstones, but left the bodies," it was the feeling of that scene from poltergeist.

    and, the song didn't record as singing, just a lightly typo'd text message, where it said her name was danny. sent the message; she was awake, day off from work, so at least she got my last words before whatever the thunderous rains portend.

    my sister-in-law and my bro, freshly coming down from the parrothead party at the jimmy buffet concert, texted from the airport, heading home, "happy giving birth day," as she does every year. she hadn't belived me when i said it was going to rain in sunny southern cali, but at least not until after the concert.

    i'd hate to be taking off into that deluge. i've watched planes get hit on the runway in vegas, with no damage, but the thought is kind of disorienting. safe trip to them...


    lunch is almost done, so i'll just put this one up. put it on instagram yesterday, so its just an afterthought here, isn't it?

    beautiful car. was hard to get a shot without people in it. figured i'd just do a different view of it, to mix it up from the usual angles.


    sun up

    1950 chevy deluxe

    from the first show of the day. we got there a little late; i'd snoozed the alarm a couple of times, having gone to bed late, then the third time i'd accidently set it to a weekday alarm. duh. just happened to wake up about six.

    still arrived just about roll in time, so we still found parking and had stuff to shoot. really nice cars and many clubs showed up. tried to make the most out of the sun, which was already coming up. most of the beautiful light was hitting the back parking lot, where there were only regular cars still parked at the time, so that was unfortunate.

    out here in the front, the host club's cars—old memories eastside—were still in the shadow of the building. had to go over to the far side to find something with some light hitting it.

    this one turned out ok, though the camera sensor really didn't like it. had to blur out some horizontal lines, that i could otherwise not explain.

    apologies to the club guy who had spoken to my better half about getting a picture of the club, then sent him my way because he wasn't carrying the right lens. we had to leave after a couple of hours, so maybe another time, when your group is already gathered.


    the kid

    1939 pontiaci made it out to both car shows yesterday. skipped the evening trunk n treat—by then i wasn't feeling well. probably had too much sun. or yesterday's carnitas got their revenge. maybe i should just not eat them anymore.

    i shot a lot of pictures. so now i am behind about four shows in the last couple of weeks, for anyone looking for their car. again, if i promised to put yours up, send me an email, because i am starting to forget.

    this one is from the second show, at the whittier elks lodge. the veteranos were the host club, and i got a hug from one disguised/acting as security at the gate. he even gave me an ice cold water, which i really appreciated.

    near the entrance, the originals club had their cars lined up behind their pop up, which kind of sucks, because there's the tent, which i hate, but whatever. my friend armando, who i've run into off and on for what he says is four years now, was there, and seeing the other guy get a hug, wanted one too. introduced me to his youngest daughter, who was spending time with dad at a car show. chatted with him for a while, then went and got started shooting cars. 

    when the pavement got too hot, i went back and caught some shade and probably talked to him for over a half an hour. he's a new dad. suprised the wife let him go out and play, but i'm sure he'll make it up to her somehow.

    at some point, he asked me to take a picture of his car with his daughter. she seemed pretty shy, and didn't know what she should do, and i was all awkward because i don't usually shoot people...wait, that sounded weird...take pictures of people.

    this one turned out ok, and caught her looking at me, instead of her dad, who really should have jumped in with his kid for a picture.


    carnitas craving

    1958 chevy impalatook me two and a half hours to get to whittier today. yay friday. at least it was payday. missing q-vo trunk n treat tonight...just done driving for the day.

    better half worked a few hours overtime, and apparently just got home. i just walked uptown to the mexican cafe, which is suprisinly busy just now. so i've just ordered a couple of carnitas plates and drinks--i do hope he shows up. he just sent a text that he's on his way, and he walks fast, maybe he's timed it just right and food will be served when he arrives.

    several car shows tomorrow. hoping to get to at least two, and that depends on whether the first one is worth staying for, after the sun comes up. thinking old memories pancake bfast to start. i think i went to this show a couple of years ago. was pretty good then, but hot--and its all asphalt parking lot. i do expect some exceptional cars to show, at least according to the instagram chatter.

    the other would be the veteranos, over at the elks club. not far between the two, so that helps. too bad there is only one sunrise a day. i suspect after those, i'll have no energy for trunk n treat shows. i should take my car in for repair estimates too...already got a few tips on places to go.


    beautiful impala. deep chocolate paint job. this model year is good from the back end, but this little detail also makes it easy to identify, even for me.

    better half just got here, so i'll stop.


    it's a hit

    1939 chevy master deluxeso i was driving to my house after work today, minding my own business, thinking my usual inane thoughts. my older brother is in town with his wife. they're both parrot heads, er, jimmy buffet fans, and i guess he is in concert in irvine this weekend. haven't seen them yet, they're out somewhere with my mom, so i'm currently hanging out with my dad, treating him to a gourmet taco bell dinner. meh.

    as i was saying, i was driving home, when suddenly, another car up and bumped into my car. hot damn. pulled over and got out of the car. started taking pictures of her car, plate, damage, in case she took off. had to wait a couple of minutes for her to get out of the car, as she seemed to be on the phone and looking for paperwork simultaneously.

    i suppose i could have gone ballistic, but it was just an accident, neither of us hurt, and she had insurance, so why get my panties in a wad. she admitted it was her fault, or rather that someone in front of her braked or slowed too quickly, and had to swerve...right into my car.

    really just looks like some small body damage on the edge of a door and over the wheel. but driving it back over here to my parents house, it feels like it has a little shimmy or something. seems ok to drive otherwise. already have an appointment for an estimate, but not until monday. only going to a few local car shows this weekend, so i guess it will be ok. but way to get an early start on the weekend.


    i see this car often at shows. belongs to a popular photographer. from what i've read on his instagram, i think he inherited from his father, and drives it in his honor and memory. maybe they worked on it together, i don't know. check out his photos--@aragonphotography39.

    this shot is from last weekend's dia de los muertos show. i think i probably posted a shot from last year, which had a much bigger display, which included a statue of an angel and flowers, versus this one, which simply shows an old photo of a couple, a painting, and a sign. same spot though, he always gets this corner.

    beautiful car. still like it better with the doors closed, but that's just me.